Messy Start to the Season

Dear readers, I must admit that we lost some of our enthusiasm for spring planting after witnessing the state of our planting supplies.  Could it have been me that left two boxes of summer bulbs in the basement and forgot to plant them last season?  Did I really leave our kitchen’s mixing bowl in a plastic tub full of summer gardening supplies?  And how could it have been me who misplaced two out of three planting trays while leaving the cells out in the yard buried under several inches of snow and ice?


Despite the setbacks, we were determined to use our President’s Day holiday wisely by getting our seeds started under a sunny window in the kitchen.  With Little Miss Knits engrossed in Elmo and his two ears, hands, and feet, we dug out last year’s leftover seed starting mix, what was left of the cells and trays, and three warming mats.

The starting mix had been laying around the garage for almost a year, so we were fairly certain that it was half frozen with some . . . interesting organisms already living within.  What to do?  Well, this is not terribly organic, but we used the long-missing mixing bowl to nuke the mix.  We figure it will either kill off any microscopic critters living in the mix or mutate them horrifically.  We’re not sure which just yet.

We pulled the steaming mix from the microwave, and began stuffing our cells and fiber pots.  By nap time, we had successfully planted hot pepper seeds, several kinds of sweet pepper and tomato seeds, a few herb seeds, and some mystery flower seeds.  This excellent timing leaves us all of nap time to continue working on our marled sweaterdress!

(Incidentally, the only thing more shocking than the disarray of our planting supplies were the stacks and stacks of leftover seeds from last season.  Honestly, I don’t know what 100-acre plot we were planning on seeding last year, but Mister Knitter will have to till several new beds even if only ½ of the leftover seeds germinate this season.  And we already ordered more seeds from our favorite Etsy seed seller, Nimble NiteCap Seed Co.!  We will have to host many cookouts this summer to make sure the harvest doesn’t go to waste.)   : )

Hopefully I’m not the only gardener facing such an untidy start to the season?  Please click the little comment button and leave your thoughts and stories . . .

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