Okay, we’ll just shut up

We have been doing a fair amount of whining around here about the amount of snow we’ve been getting this winter, with an almost daily comment of “it’s getting old” from one person or another.

We were checking out recent posts from one of the blogs we follow, “the twisted yarn,” and we were shocked/amazed/appalled at the sight of the Thames!

Umm . . . we’ll just shut up about our snow.

the twisted yarn

Yup, it’s another post whilst the monster rainbow stained glass window afghan grows and grows behind the scenes.

And it’s another waterlogged post.  Because really, this rain is getting silly now. You’ve made your point, rainclouds, or maybe you haven’t because I’m not sure quite what your point is, other than the fact that we’ve ballsed up the climate and everyone is having bonkers weather of one sort or another this year. I’ve been pottering around Oxfordshire again, this week accompanied by my lovely aunt who has come to stay. She seemed to be under the ridiculous illusion that this footpath was impassable:-


So instead, we went to look at the river, which has become, in the words of my wise old toddlers, “the sea”.


I took a few pictures of the watery craziness, because it was so, well, crazy. I talked to complete strangers as we all stood about…

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