Going Retro


We are celebrating retro style here on Church Street today.  Our little town is a great mix of old and new with a quiet and quaint Main Street full of little shops that have been there for years and many homes built in the late 1800s.  As a matter of fact, our own little shop was built in 1900, a wonderful combination of old and new.

We took a look back at retro fashion styles from the 1950s that we love.  We appreciate the details and styling, from the trimming on a swing coat, to the matching collar and cuffs on a dress.

Maybe the most important lesson we learn, though, is about fit.  We’re all for a cozy, slouchy, amorphous sweater, but it feels good to wear a garment that fits and flatters YOU, however that “you” happens to be shaped.  We love the pregnant you, the plus size you, the super curvy you or the you with no curves at all.  There’s nothing worse than getting that wonderful dress you’ve been drooling over only to find it gaps under the arms now that your bust size has changed or fits your waist but not your hips (or vice versa).  We love how customizable and flattering knits are.  Not only are they fairly easy to alter as you’re knitting, but they have that extra bit of stretch in the yarn itself or in the stitching to forgive that extra bite (or two) of cake . . .

By the way, if you are a fan of retro knits, take a look at Free Vintage Knitting.  This is a great resource for free vintage knitting patterns you can try on your own.  You may see some on Church Street soon!

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