Summer on My Mind . . .

With another winter storm on its way to Church Street, we have to admit that we are anxious for the beginning of spring.  We dug up some of our photos from last spring to remind us of the sun, flowers, and planting to come.

Our old Pup-Pup enjoys lazing in the sun all day long.  She’s great company for gardening . . .  except when she’s chasing rabbits and squirrels around the yard.

We did a lot of great planting last year: we added raised beds in a spot that’s sunny in spring and shaded in summer so that we could grow lettuce, spinach, chard and brussels sprouts.  Unfortunately they fed more squirrels and rabbits than humans!  This year we’re hoping to finish our mesh enclosure, made from PVC piping and netting, to keep the crops in and the critters out.

The plants in our container garden fared a bit better than the raised beds.  Despite the blazing sun beaming directly onto them most of the summer, with lots of water and love our potted hot peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and strawberries did well.  We’re looking forward to harvesting from our mature strawberry plants this summer, and adding more in a sunny spot by the garage.  That’s if we can keep Pup-Pup from laying in the middle of the garden bed–one of her favorite things to do.

We are enjoying a warm and wonderful summer mental break today on Church Street.  We hope you take a moment to share your favorite summer moments with us, too!  Leave a comment and let us take a mental break on your street today . . .

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